Falmouth Bowling Club - Membership

Falmouth Bowling Club welcomes new members. The game is played by all ages - we currently run coaching sessions for primary schools, and if you can walk 1.5 to 2 kilometres and bend to deliver your bowl up to 100 times during the course of a game, you can play into your late '80s or even '90s. Its healthy exercise and great, socially.

What does it cost ?

Membership charges at Falmouth are £80/year for full members, and £15/year for Social members. However, new bowlers are offered a significant discount in year 1, recognising that equipment and clothing will need to be purchased

What do I need to buy?

In the first year, getting to know the game, and playing only roll-ups, you will need a set of woods. These cost approx. £300 new, but second hand ones can be picked up for £50 or so. There are also woods that can be borrowed from the club. You will also need a pair of flat soled shoes.
As you progress to league and friendly games, you will need club shirts, trousers/skirts, jumpers/fleeces and waterproof gear (for those Inclement days!)

You will also need a bag to carry your kit.

Are there any other costs of playing ?

Each proper game, be it friendly or league , will cost you a mere £1.50 in rink fees. (Group or County games cost a little more - for refreshments) 


What do I do if I am interested?

Contact the General Secretary and request a free trial and introduction to the game to see if you would like to pursue the sport. You can have a few trials to make sure you are happy with the game before you sign up. 

What if I don't want to play the outdoor game but am interested in carpet bowls or the social side ?

Join as a Social member - in winter you can play carpet bowls two afternoons and two evenings every week, and, you will have the opportunity of playing league bowls in the Falmouth & Camborne Carpet Bowls League. The "Bowlers Retreat" bar is open Wednesday and Friday evenings and Sunday lunchtime during the off-season, and after most evening matches during the summer season.